Weekly Ratings: Fox News 3rd, CNN 29th, MSNBC 33rd

Weekly Ratings: Fox News 3rd, CNN 29th, MSNBC 33rd

The Fox News Channel continues to obliterate the competition, not just among its cable news competitors, but in all cable.

Out of the 94 cable channels measured by Nielsen, Fox News was ranked third in what is known as “total day” and in primetime last week. Only TNT and the USA Network had more viewers.

In total day, Fox averaged 2.10 million viewers; primetime viewers average 1.34 million. In both categories, Fox handily beat CNN, MSNBC, and Headline News combined.

CNN:  506K, 389K

MSNBC: 496K, 382K

HLN: 559K, 459K

In total day; CNN placed 29th, MSNBC 33rd, HLN 22nd.

CNN’s decision to move away from politics to become a shallow hybrid of the Discovery Channel, Weather Channel, and Court TV, just doesn’t seem to be working. Why go to CNN for that when so many other channels do it so much better?

Granted, CNN was also a slow-motion train wreck when it was an all-news channel.

MSNBC is crashing because a confirmation-bias network is no use to anyone when real news, such as these White House scandals, are breaking. 

Fox’s success is not only based on the fact that they offer variety by refusing to cover news in the same way the rest of the media does, but Fox also made the correct choice in pursuing the Benghazi scandal even as the rest of the media ridiculed their efforts. Polls prove that people consider Benghazi a legitimate scandal and story. The rest of the media not only ignored and dismissed Libya at the expense of their own credibility; they also surrendered a portion of their customers in the process. 

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