Justice Department Overreach Brings Right and Left Media Together

Justice Department Overreach Brings Right and Left Media Together

In his always-terrific Best of the Web column, James Taranto looks at how the Justice Department’s shockingly aggressive probe into the private emails and phones records of Fox News reporter James Rosen resulted in a once-in-a-lifetime confluence of outrage from all media, even The New York Times:

Hey, kids! What time is it? “TIME TO GO: HOLDER OK’D PRESS PROBE,” shouted the always subtle homepage of the Puffington Host last Thursday evening. It was in response to the news, broken by NBC, that Attorney General Eric Holder had participated in “discussions” about “a controversial search warrant for a Fox News reporter’s private emails.” That’s in contrast with the Associated Press phone-log subpoena case, from which Holder told Congress he had recused himself.

The New York Times’s reaction, while not as breathless, was more dramatic. The paper’s editorial appeared a week ago tomorrow–before Holder’s involvement had publicly emerged–under the headline “Another Chilling Leak Investigation.” The editorial was straightforward and reasonably argued. That may not sound like a great compliment, but this is the New York Times editorial page we’re talking about.

The editorial was remarkable as much for what it didn’t say as for what it did. There were no snide asides about Fox News, or qualifications along the lines that “even Fox” has First Amendment rights

You’ll want to read it all, including Taranto’s rationale against the Media Shield Law.


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