Weiner to Female Voter: 'Were You Flirting with Me?'

Weiner to Female Voter: 'Were You Flirting with Me?'

The Politicker reports that, at a campaign forum in Brooklyn Thursday night, mayoral candidate and disgraced former-Congressman Anthony Weiner asked a woman in the audience, “Were you raising your hand or flirting with me?”

Politicker described the woman as “elderly.”

Two years ago, Weiner was forced to resign from Congress after Breitbart News broke the story of the married congressman sending lewd pictures of himself to a number of women to whom he was not married. 

Weiner’s inappropriate behavior towards this voter last night should come as no surprise. The ex-Congressman was caught on tape two years ago making a number of sexually suggestive remarks to the Washington Times’ Emily Miller as she attempted to interview him for her paper. On the tape, Miller makes clear to Weiner that she is appalled by his disgusting references to his penis. He responds by making more of them.

Miller said that this was a clear case of Weiner sexually harassing a woman at the workplace.

In other Weiner-related news, Weiner was also caught mocking New York police officers as fat.


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