Greenwald Slams Mika For 'Misleading' With White House Talking Points

Greenwald Slams Mika For 'Misleading' With White House Talking Points

The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald, the man who broke the NSA snooping story and revealed leaker Edward Snowden to the world, appeared on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC Monday morning.  

Co-host Mika Brezinski engaged in a mini-debate with Greenwald over the legality of the leaks. She told Greenwald that the wiretapping requires a search warrant, “It’s not like there’s haphazard probing into all of our personal emails.”

Greenwald responded by accusing Brezinski of using “completely misleading” White House talking points, because the warrants are only needed when communications are between two American citizens on American soil. “The Senate has been repeatedly asking for the numbers of how many Americans they’re doing that to, and the NSA keeps saying — and it’s false — they can’t provide those numbers. Those talking points you’re reading from are completely false, as anybody who has paid even remote debate know over the last ten years.”

Of course, we know Brezinski has used White House talking points in the past. In fact, once she even bragged about it on the air

Watch the entire exchange here:  

(H/T: Mediaite)