Gallup: Obama Approval Hits 9 Month Low

Gallup: Obama Approval Hits 9 Month Low

For the first time in over nine months, Gallup’s tracking poll has President Obama’s job approval rating sinking to 45%. The last time that happened was back in September of 2012. Moreover, the president’s disapproval rating has climbed to 47%, meaning he is upside down. The last time that happened was nearly as long ago.

Another reliable way to tell if Obama’s job approval ratings are sinking is when the media stops talking about it — which is exactly what we are experiencing now. The media is avoiding talk of Obama’s falling poll numbers like the plague.

All the trends look bad for a president, who just six-weeks ago looked indestructible. But a half-dozen or so scandals have obviously begun to take a real toll. The Real Clear Politics poll of polls backs this up. Except for a couple of days, their average has shown Obama underwater since the beginning of June.

In other news, George W. Bush is now more popular than Barack Obama.


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