Breitbart's Boyle, Nolte Lead Twitter 'Fight Club'

Breitbart's Boyle, Nolte Lead Twitter 'Fight Club'

If you are a Twitter user, you know without question that the social media service often becomes little else than a massive fight club with lots of name calling and foul language. A survey of the Twitter accounts of some well-known journalists and media types shows that they are just as prone to the fight club mentality as everyone else.

Fishbowl DC put together an amusing survey of the Twitter feeds of ten journalists and warns that they are “10 Journos You Don’t Want to Fight on Twitter.”

Included on the list are two Breitbart scrappers, John Nolte and Matthew Boyle. Also appearing are The Washington Post’s Jenifer Rubin, Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher, Politico’s Glenn Thrush, CNN’s Jake Tapper, and several others.

The back and forth is hot and heavy, with Commentary’s John Podhoretz calling “total horsesh*t” on Ben Smith, editor-in-chief at BuzzFeed, Wonkette publisher Rebecca Schoenkopf calling Red State’s Eric Erickson a “pussy,” CNN’s Jake Tapper essentially calling someone a liar, Breitbart’s Boyle slamming Ashley Judd for her bad grammar… it’s a veritable playground rumble out there.

The fur is flying on a daily basis, and if you follow many of the nation’s top writers and media personalities, you’ll see. As Fishbowl DC warns, “if you take some of them on, you [are] doing so at your own risk.”