How the Media Helps Obama Reward Liars and Punish Whistle Blowers

How the Media Helps Obama Reward Liars and Punish Whistle Blowers

Obama continues his habit of appointing radicals with extreme views to positions of power and influence despite their lack of qualifications and a track record of incompetence and radicalism. Susan Rice’s appointment as National Security Adviser is just the latest example. 

Rice’s resume is replete with incompetence and failures at the various positions she has been given. Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage Mag has an excellent column on Rice’s role of trying to cover up requests for more security in the face of warnings of forthcoming attacks. 

Susan Rice had a “dry run” in 1998 at learning how to cover up bad security decisions that lead to dead Americans. And people still wonder why this Administration trotted her out to front its cover story on Benghazi?

It’s important to remember that Rice just rolled out the administration’s talking point about the YouTube video on those five Sunday news shows. That was just the beginning of an almost two week long blitz by the White House to desperately sell an alternative version of reality to the media and the public.

In the twelve or so days the White House was trying to sell this YouTube falsehood, even many in the mainstream press refused to go along. As the evidence mounted that the attack was an act of terrorism on the anniversary of 9/11, adopting the nonsensical White House line became a bridge too far even for the mainstream media. Many such as Jake Tapper, then of ABC News, refused to cross that bridge, and it resulted in the White House finally abandoning it’s attempt to supply the video as the motive for the attack.

It is because of Rice’s commitment to covering for the Obama administration’s lies on Benghazi that she is getting promoted. She has proven to be a “true believer” and her track record of failure and incompetence is of no consequence.

After months of time in which to come clean and tell the truth, Rice held her tongue and refused to say who introduced the video into her talking points. The CIA memo never mentioned it.

This is how this administration operates. People who tell the truth by denying and exposing the lies are punished and have their character attacked.

Conversely, people who affirm and protect the vision of the anointed by denying reality and proffering illusion in it’s place are rewarded and promoted.

What is the “vision” of the Obama administration insofar as its Libya policy and its foreign policy in the Middle East goes? 

It is that the Libya adventure was a huge success and that the Benghazi attack was a completely unforeseeable, spontaneous, and unpreventable event. No “real” mistakes were made, so there is really no accountability to be demanded here.

Therefore anyone who refuses to accept the correct “vision” of Benghazi is automatically deemed to be “benighted” and grinding a political axe for suspect reasons.

Those, like Susan Rice, who vociferously defends the Obama Administrations’s false vision of Benghazi will be rewarded. Those like Gregory Hicks, the State Department whistle blower who challenged the Obama administration’s false vision by testifying before Congress about what actually happened in Benghazi, will be punished.

And the mainstream media will be an all too eager partner with the self-styled anointed elites of Washington when it comes to doling out rewards and punishments.

For this reason, when Rice’s appointment as National Security adviser is discussed, the media will:

  1. Run countless puff pieces about her that make her look like a genius who’s perfect for this important job.
  2. They’ll frame the discussion as if anybody who would challenge her promotion would only do so because of the basest of motives.

When it comes to the Benghazi whistle blowers and others who keep challenging the lies, the media will: 

  1. Ascribe the basest of motives to them & spend much more time psychoanalyzing why these whistle blowers are “lying” about what they know rather than informing Americans about what the whistle blowers revealed. 
  2. Make any retaliation suffered by these whistle blowers look perfectly reasonable and even call for more in case others might be tempted to speak out.

Hicks and others who have come forward to tell the truth deserve the full support of the American people.