Washington Post's Sargent: IRS Scandal 'Fever Swamp' Stuff

Washington Post's Sargent: IRS Scandal 'Fever Swamp' Stuff

Greg Sargent of The Washington Post has decided that any worries over the IRS intimidation tactics are nothing but “fever swamp” nonsense.

In his June 21 post at The Plum Line, Sargent has declared the IRS scandal over. In fact, it is nothing but Republican foolishness, according to him:

Partly because of Issa’s game-playing — and partly because the very serious concerns raised by the NSA revelations intervened — the political press corps really does seem to have decided that Republican investigators have come up with nothing to tie the IRS targeting to the White House and that those initial leaks were little more than an effort to play them.

Despite the fact that the IRS has admitted it targeted Obama’s critics unfairly in a purely political action, despite denials of coordination while the IRS heads visited the White House hundreds of times, and despite the reports from whistleblowers that the intimidation tactics and polices came from Washington, Sargent has declared it all a myth.

The last point Sargent uses to “prove” that the scandal is over is that the U.S. media has stopped paying attention to it.

Sargent thinks that if the famously Obama-supporting press has stopped talking about a scandal that could hurt the President, this is strong evidence the scandal has no basis in fact.