Gallup: Fox News America's Top News Source

Gallup: Fox News America's Top News Source

A new Gallup poll released Monday might help to explain why the left and their allies in the mainstream media have trained so much fire on a small (but powerful) dinghy in an ocean of left-wing media: Fox News is America’s top outlet for news.  According to the pollster, 8% of those polled get their news from Fox; second place is CNN with 7%.

Every other specific news outlet (ABC, MSNBC, The New York Times, NPR, etc.) ranked no higher than 1%.

Overall, 55% of Americans cite television as their main source of news, while the Internet comes in second with 21%. Print media and radio come in third and fourth with 9% and 6% respectively. When singled out, newspapers tie with radio at 6%.

It should come as no surprise that Fox News leads the pack. Other than being brilliantly produced, previous studies prove that Fox News is not even close to as ideological as its mainstream media critics want you to believe. Moreover, during the recent terror attack in Boston, Fox News was ranked as the “most believable” source of television news and a recent Pew poll showed that more Democrats watch Fox News than its cable news competitors.

Though there is no study to back this up, from my own observations, Fox topping today’s Gallup poll isn’t at all surprising. Politics aside, Fox offers something that no other cable or broadcast news outlet does: diversity.

The news you see on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, The Washington Post, The New York Times, etc. is all pretty much the same because all of those outlets think alike and push the same left-wing narratives. But if you want to know everything that is going on in the world, you have to watch Fox News, an outlet that relishes straying off that Narrative Plantation.


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