Morning Joe: Six Panelists, One Zimmerman Opinion

Morning Joe: Six Panelists, One Zimmerman Opinion

You would think that a television show hosted by and named after a self-identified conservative would be the one place on MSNBC (and maybe in all of media) where you could go to find a unique opinion that strays off the media’s strictly-enforced Narrative Plantation. But if you think that, you would be wrong. MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Monday, was just another media outlet spewing racial poison with absolutely no evidence and no dissenting opinion.

Moreover, all expressed disgust at social media and the idea that everyone now has a voice in a national debate they claim to want to have, but don’t seem to want all of the nation to participate in. 

During the 7 am hour, the panel consisted of “Morning Joe”  co-host Mika Brzezinski, the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart, Carl Bernstein, Meet the Press host David Gregory, Mike Barnicle, and Jon Meacham; six people, one opinion: George Zimmerman was motivated by race to profile Trayvon Martin, America is still racist, and race, race, race, race, race….

Gregory: “The troubling question is still about racial attitudes: What makes somebody, in this case Zimmerman, pursue Trayvon Martin, and think he is necessarily suspicious as a young black man walking with a hoodie on.”

Bernstein: “This is a case of vigilantism that never would’ve occurred had this been a black person, a black vigilante…” Bernstein would later talk about his “very close black friend.”

Capehart: “We all know what would have happened if Trayvon Martin were the trigger person.” Capehart meant that unlike Zimmerman, Trayvon would have been found guilty.

Barnicle: “We have a huge problem in this country, and it’s a gulf between the races…”

Meacham nodded thoughtfully throughout and pushed gun control. Brzezinski egged everyone on. 

Throughout, they all puffed themselves as courageous in speaking their “truths,” but the courage to invite even one person who might disagree was non-existent.

Moreover, because there is absolutely no evidence of any kind of racial motive behind anything Zimmerman did, the Morning Joe panel exhibited the kind of anti-science thinking media leftists usually ridicule.

Finally, if anyone believes the presence of Joe Scarborough himself might have resulted in a little dissent… Think again.


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