Zimmerman Verdict Ratings: Fox News #1, MSNBC Humiliated

Zimmerman Verdict Ratings: Fox News #1, MSNBC Humiliated

TV by the Numbers reports that, during the Saturday evening hour when the verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman was announced, once again, Fox News was “The Most Trusted Name in News” — the place the most people tuned to when major news broke. A total of 3.682 million tuned into Fox News.  

CNN, the network America used to tune into for breaking news, came in a respectable second with 3.407 million viewers. It must be said, though, that just a few years ago, CNN always handily won breaking news ratings battles.

MSNBC, the left-wing network that hoped the Zimmerman trial would rescue them from the ratings dumpster, came in a distant third with only 1.298 million viewers — about a third of its competition.

In the all-important 25-54 demo, CNN came in first with 1.716 million; Fox News was second with 1.113 million. MSNBC was again dead last with only 510k viewers.


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