NPR's Keith Still Pushing False 'Progressive' IRS Scandal

NPR's Keith Still Pushing False 'Progressive' IRS Scandal

Tamara Keith of National Public Radio continues to pursue the false allegation by Democrats that liberal non-profit groups, too, were targeted by the IRS for scrutiny. The story, which Democrats concocted to blunt the outrage over the IRS’s admitted targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups, has been repeatedly debunked. Yet Keith doggedly continues to follow the trail of Democratic Party talking points.

Keith filed a report Saturday that calls the report of J. Russell George, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration into doubt, citing “documents” released by Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Report. Cummings has attempted to halt the investigation by saying the case was “solved.” Keith’s report suggested that the information about the targeting of left-wing groups was being suppressed, but provided no evidence to back that claim. NPR introduced Keith’s report by claiming: “…this has changed from a scandal over the targeting of Tea Party groups into something broader.”

On Thursday, as the committee resumed hearings on the IRS scandal, NPR repeated the allegation that “progressive” groups were targeted but that further information has been withheld by George. Democrats on the committee picked up the allegation, and specifically called George’s integrity into question, alleging that he had “cherry-picked” examples of Tea Party groups being targeted, leaving left-wing groups out of his report.

Witnesses testified, however, that the only focus had been on Tea Party and other conservative groups, and that applications by those groups had been singled out for additional review even after approval had been recommended. Officials in Washington, not just “rogue” IRS agents in Cincinnati, were responsible.