NBC Whitewashes Full Context of Obama's 2008 'Race Speech'

NBC Whitewashes Full Context of Obama's 2008 'Race Speech'

NBC News’ Mark Murray, the senior political editor who did not voluntarily disclose his marriage to an Obama staffer, covered the president’s racially-divisive statements about the George Zimmerman affair at First Read Friday. In the piece Murray refers to then-presidential candidate Obama’s “famous 2008 speech on the subject of race.” For some reason, though, Murray doesn’t report on the full context of that speech.

Obama’s “famous” race speech was a purely political and defensive move to save an imploding campaign after it was discovered that the president’s mentor and pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, was an anti-America, racially-divisive demagogue.

After the public release of a number of videos of Wright’s sermons — including one where the fiery preacher called for God to “damn America,” and another where he preached that 911 was America’s “chickens” coming “home to roost” — the Obama campaign was in damage control mode.

The result of that was this “famous” race speech, which did exactly what it was intended to do: change the subject by wooing the media.


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