David Shuster Joining Al-Jazeera America

David Shuster Joining Al-Jazeera America

The Huffington Post reports that left-wing anchor David Shuster has signed a deal with Al Jazeera America. The  network launches August 20, and has already signed two former CNN left-wingers, Soledad O’Brien and Ali Velshi:

The Times’ Brian Stelter wrote that Al Jazeera America will cover more domestic than foreign news and “operate much like CNN (though the employees say they won’t be as sensational) and Fox News (though they say they won’t be opinion-driven).”

Shuster will be a familiar face to cable news viewers, whether they’ve turned in recent years to MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, or Current TV, where he most recently served as an anchor and correspondent.

Previously, Shuster was an MSNBC daytime anchor and served as a guest-host for several of the network’s top shows, including “Countdown with Keith Olberman” and “Hardball.” Shuster came under fire during the 2008 Democratic primary for suggesting that former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign had “pimped out” daughter Chelsea by working on her mother’s behalf. Shuster weathered that storm, but left MSNBC in 2010 after being suspended for taping a pilot at rival CNN.