Ratings: CNN's Primetime Dominance Over MSNBC Slips

Ratings: CNN's Primetime Dominance Over MSNBC Slips

After the Boston Marathon bombing, much was made of the fact that CNN seemed to be on a ratings comeback. Suddenly, the third place network had jumped to second place, and it was MSNBC suffering through stories about a fall from ratings grace. (Note: Fox News regularly beats both of its left-wing counterparts combined). In the wake of the Zimmerman verdict, though, CNN’s primetime programming appears to be slipping.

Late last week, we noted CNN’s primetime post-Zimmerman verdict ratings fall. Now that the ratings for Monday and Tuesday of this week have been released, we’re seeing two more days of virtually the same thing.

Monday, in total viewers during primetime, CNN only beat MSNBC by 6,000 viewers – 731k to 725k. Out of the nine programs TV Newser considers primetime, four MSNBC shows beat CNN.

In the advertiser-important 25-54 demo, the numbers were equally tight, with CNN squeaking out a win 222k to 202k.

Tuesday, MSNBC handily beat CNN in total primetime viewers – 640k to 532k — with MSNBC winning six out of nine shows. CNN also lost the 25-54 demo 184k to 138k. Fox News dominated with 408k.


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