Reporter: Two More Weiner Women Will Come Forward Before Election

Reporter: Two More Weiner Women Will Come Forward Before Election

The Washington Times’ Emily Miller says her sources tell her at least two more women will be coming forward with sexting allegations against New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. According to Miller, the on-line liaisons took place in the past year:

EMILY MILLER, WASHINGTON TIMES: My sources tell me there’s two other women going to come out between now and election day with their own stories.

LARRY O’CONNOR, WMAL HOST: I wanted to ask you quickly about those sources that you have. Those are independent from the women that we’ve already heard about and can you at least reveal how recently your sources have had contact with Anthony Weiner?

MILLER: My sources aren’t having contact with Anthony Weiner. I’m not talking about the women, I’m talking about — I can’t tell you obviously, I’m a journalist. I can’t tell you who is telling me. But I do not have personal contact with these women. I’m just saying that you should expect that you will hear from — as long as he doesn’t drop out of the campaign — you’re gonna hear and see the texts from at least two more women from election day.


MILLER: And all of this being recent — things that have happened within the last year.

Miller appeared on “Mornings on the Mall” on WMAL in Washington DC Friday morning.

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