How Liberals Use 'White Supremacy' to Distract the Public from Their Policy Failures

How Liberals Use 'White Supremacy' to Distract the Public from Their Policy Failures

The advancement of the black community in America stalled and has actually regressed ever since Democrats took that community under their wing in the 1960’s.  

As the decades have passed, it’s become apparent Democratic social policies are not advancing the fortunes of the black community. In fact, many of the failed policies have been actively harming it. 

Democratic leaders in our major cities have had over forty years to get a handle on the problem of crime and gangs. Their policies simply don’t work.  But they are ideologically bound to these failed policies, and so they are stuck. They cannot do what Rudy Giuliani did in New York because they don’t share his views on crime and law enforcement. Indeed, they vehemently reject them.  

The biggest fear of the progressive movement is that blacks are going to wake up and see what’s happened. The black community must never realize it is the progressive policies of the white liberal Democrats that caused their societal disintegration and the increase in inner city crime, of which they bear most of the cost, especially in lives lost.

Progressives send out hand-picked black leaders to constantly tell the community that what is really holding them back, and explains the stalling of the community’s advancement in America since the 1960’s, is white racism.

To demonstrate that white racism is prevalent, systemic and endemic in America, these leaders and their friends in the media are constantly looking for cases that can fit a narrative of oppressive white racism. They are forced to distort what few candidate cases do arise, such as they did with the Trayvon Martin tragedy. 

Almost every single “fact” of the original narrative the country was told about this case turned out to be false. The original narrative as it was first presented was that of a hulking white racist who jumped out of his vehicle to chase down and catch a tiny black child. The white racist then viciously beat this black child for several minutes. The child’s screams for help could be heard on a 911 audio tape, and the screams ended when the white racist cold-bloodedly executes him with a handgun.  

And so the country just spent two years of its time consumed with a case that was sold to it on bogus merits. And the people who did the selling are already looking for the next outrage case to take nationwide to serve as their next “proof” of white racism. 

By constantly keeping the black community focused on white racism as the source of their struggles, progressives drown out any attempt to discuss gangs and crime, and why Democratic leaders in these major cities can’t seem to do anything effective in combating this much, much greater threat to the black community. They’d rather people keep an eye peeled for Bull Connor in a pickup truck instead of wondering why the city government can’t seem to lock up truly dangerous repeat criminals. 

Yet polls indicate that the public in general is no longer buying the strategy, as just 24% believe Zimmerman acted based on racism. This is after 2 years of incessant claims by racial hucksters that this was an open-and-shut case of white racism.