Dem Operative: Some In Congress Knew Filner 'Has Been This Way All Along'

Dem Operative: Some In Congress Knew Filner 'Has Been This Way All Along'

A bombshell dropped during the final moments of a political roundtable on CNN’s “The Lead,” when longtime Democrat operative Hilary Rosen told host Jake Tapper that former members of congress told her Bob Filner “has been this way all along.”

After Tapper asked Rosen if she had ever heard any of these stories, Rosen replied, “I actually had dinner over the weekend with some female members [of Congress] — former members, who said this guy has kind of been this way all along; that everybody thought he was a little creepy.”

When pressed, Rosen qualified the stories as not “official sexual harassment, but just a guy they never trusted.”

Bob Filner was in Congress for twenty years.

Unfortunately, the segment ended before Tapper could follow up, but what Rosen said should surprise no one. Earlier this week a San Diego reporter admitted that local media had known all along about Filner’s behavior, and said nothing.

The question now is who knew what and when? How was this guy allowed to not only get away with this alleged behavior in Congress, but move up into a position of power as San Diego’s mayor?

At the very least, there is a hint of a cover up within the Democrat establishment that the media should be looking into.

As of yet, though, even with Rosen’s revelations and President Obama refusing to comment on the matter,  the media have bent over backwards to ensure the Filner (and Weiner) scandals are compartmentalized as “individual scandals” where they cannot hurt the Democrat brand.

In 2006, though, the media was quick to turn a scandal surrounding Mark Foley, a Republican Congressman accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with an underage Congressional page, into a major GOP problem. It became part of a “culture of corruption” narrative that helped Democrats retake the House. 


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