NBC News Responds to RNC: We Aren't Involved In Hillary Movie

NBC News Responds to RNC: We Aren't Involved In Hillary Movie

In an exclusive to Breitbart News, Monday morning the Republican National Committee (RNC) announced that unless NBC and CNN dump their planned Hillary projects, the RNC will refuse to allow either network to host any 2016 primary debates (which are ratings winners and news makers). This afternoon, via Twitter, NBC News released a statement in which they claimed that the NBC News division has no involvement with a project being produced by the NBC Entertainment division.

The “project” is a flashy miniseries that has already cast Academy Award-nominee Diane Lane as Hillary Clinton.

NBC’s defense is not likely to persuade either the RNC or the general public. NBC might have different divisions, but it is a network owned by a single company.

Moreover, during the 2012 presidential campaign, when Mitt Romney and the RNC said over and over again that they were completely separate from Todd Akin and his abortion/rape comments, that didn’t stop NBC News, NBC’s Today Show, or MSNBC from tying them all together into the Democrats’ artificial War on Women narrative. NBC waged this blistering attack for weeks.

Whether it is the news division (including MSNBC), the Hillary miniseries, or the regular beatings doled out to Republicans at the hands of “Saturday Night Live” (which is part of NBC’s entertainment division), the NBC brand as a whole is seen by millions of Americans as a corporation working as one to aid Democrats and afflict Republicans.  

NBC (and CNN) have already given the GOP hundreds of reasons not the trust them; this includes their behavior during previous GOP primary debates.

These new Hillary projects appear to be the last straw.


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