Ratings: CNN Slips to Third Place Behind MSNBC

Ratings: CNN Slips to Third Place Behind MSNBC

Whatever competitive advantage CNN gained over MSNBC during the month of July appears to be fading fast, at least according to the last three days. On Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, MSNBC beat CNN in “total viewers” in both total day and primetime.


Total day: FNC: 1.132 | MSNBC: 381 | CNN: 322 | HLN: 234

Primetime: FNC: 1.721 | MSNBC: 398 | CNN: 376 | HLN: 265


Total day: FNC: 1.264 | MSNBC: 411 | CNN: 373 | HLN: 256

Primetime: FNC: 1.858 | MSNBC: 615 | CNN: 525 | HLN: 273


Total day: FNC: 1.175 | MSNBC: 372 | CNN: 368 | HLN: 237

Primetime: FNC: 1.573 | MSNBC: 580 | CNN: 421 | HLN: 277


Things are not looking much better for CNN in the 25-54 demo. CNN has lost to MSNBC during primetime during all three days. In total day, CNN won only Monday.

As is the norm, Fox News is trouncing both its left-wing competitors.

Thanks to events surrounding the trial and subsequent acquittal of George Zimmerman for the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, CNN enjoyed a viewership boost Last month in July. Early results, however, show that CNN has not been able to hold on to those viewers.

This is likely due to CNN’s dishonest, partisan, and racially offensive coverage of the trial and aftermath.

When the spotlight was on CNN, the network’s ugliness is what shined through.



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