Andrea Mitchell Joins Critics of NBC's Hillary Clinton Movie

Andrea Mitchell Joins Critics of NBC's Hillary Clinton Movie

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell is the latest voice inside NBC to oppose the announced Hillary Clinton biopic being made by the network.

During the Thursday broadcast of her show Andrea Mitchell Reports, the anchor and longtime Washington reporter said that it was a “really bad idea” for NBC to make the Hillary movie.

Mitchell joins NBC correspondent Chuck Todd, who has also expressed concerns–especially for NBC’s news division, which he feels will unfairly take the brunt of backlash over the project.

Former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs twice chimed in saying the Hillary films were a bad idea.


Andrea Mitchell: “I want to ask you about Reince Priebus. Because you’ve been involved in debates, debate prep, debate negotiations, and here you’ve got the Republican chairman, I would say understandably miffed about these Hillary Clinton films–one a documentary the other an entertainment film–which is, you know, all about…”

Robert Gibbs: “A bad idea.”

Mitchell: “…a movie. And, and…”

Gibbs: “A bad idea.”

Mitchell: “…a lot of news people would say, including NBC news people, including Chuck Todd and the rest of us, a really bad idea given the timing…”