Firewall: Alec Baldwin To Join Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd On MSNBC

Firewall: Alec Baldwin To Join Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd On MSNBC

The irony could not be any more revealing. Yesterday, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell complained about NBC producing a Hillary Clinton miniseries. Both of the NBC News stars claimed they were concerned that this could damage the firewall between the entertainment and news divisions.

And then, just a few hours later, on that very same day, we learn that actor Alec Baldwin is on deck to join Todd and Mitchell on NBC’s cable NEWS channel with his very own show.

There has never been a firewall between the news and entertainment divisions at any news network, much less NBC.

Look at how frequently NBC’s various news outlets (broadcast, online, cable) aired Tina Fey’s “Saturday Night Live” appearances as Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential election. The news division’s motive was glaringly obvious – they loved being able to endlessly broadcast those clips to in an effort destroy this woman as a viable candidate.

When it comes to protecting Democrats and crippling Republicans, the NBC News division will pick up any weapon available to them, even if it is covered in bilge from the entertainment division.

So now Alec Baldwin — a raging, bullying, abusive, homophobic, Academy Award-less actor — is apparently over the firewall and ready to share a locker room with Todd and Mitchell.

Like “objectivity,” the “firewall” at NBC News is nothing but a hustle, a lie, a mirage…


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