Report: Brazil Could Give Greenwald Protection

Report: Brazil Could Give Greenwald Protection

The Huffington Post reports that Brazil could give reporter Glenn Greenwald special protection related to his reporting on the NSA snooping scandal in the Guardian newspaper. The story originated in O Estado, a major paper in São Paulo, Brazil. 

Greenwald testified before a Brazilian Senate committee on Tuesday, his reports concerning NSA’s large surveillance operation in Brazil.  According to the paper, an unnamed government official said authorities will provide Greenwald with “protection” from U.S. prosecution if he asks for it: 

“Greenwald’s performance was very courageous,” the government official told the Portuguese-language paper. “He showed he’s in possession of an extraordinary volume of information. What has come out before now was only an appetizer.”

Why would Greenwald turn to Brazil? Huffington Post explains: 

Greenwald, a U.S. citizen, has lived with his same-sex partner in Brazil for the last eight years because before the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down, U.S. immigration law did not recognize their marriage. But he has repeatedly traveled between the United States and Brazil for several years.