Joy Behar: 'F**k Harry Reasoner,' Barbara Walters' Former Co-Anchor

Joy Behar: 'F**k Harry Reasoner,' Barbara Walters' Former Co-Anchor

Joy Behar is now officially retired from the ABC late morning coffee klatch TV show The View, but she couldn’t leave without sticking one final finger in someone’s eye.

Behar, one of the last remaining original hosts, announced she was leaving the show in March. This week, her final show was aired, and before it was over she had a message she claims she had been “waiting to say for 16 years” to Barbra Walters’ old ABC news co-anchor, Harry Reasoner. “F*** Harry Reasnor,” she said.

Reasoner and Walter’s relationship was famously rocky when Walters was added to the ABC Evening News in the mid 1970s.

In the past, Walters has said that Reasoner never allowed her to feel as if she was his co-worker, much less his equal, but she has also said that Reasoner was both very unhappy working at ABC and going through some very tough personal trials at the time. “He wasn’t mean,” she insists. Reasoner passed away of a blood clot on the brain in 1991.

Behar has a long history of making off color, outrageous, and biased statements. To name only some of the latest, she said gay conservatives “only think with their penises,” that religion is just like “drug addiction,” and called the folks at Fox News “dicks.”

When she announced her retirement from The View after 16 years as one of the show’s retinue of co-hosts, Behar said that she felt it was time to move on to other projects. Though nothing specific is in the offing, she is supposedly looking to get back to her stand up comedy and is “in talks” with various networks.

The hour-long final show featured such personalities as Regis Philbin, Alan Alda, Tony Bennet, and Joan Rivers.

Behar isn’t the only The View co-host headed for the exits. Long-time conservative foil Elisabeth Hasselbeck has also announced she’s leaving the show. Hasselbeck is going to work for Fox News starting in September.

Hasselbeck’s replacement is to be anti-vaccine activist and Playboy model-turned-actress Jenny McCarthy.

Show originator Barbara Walters also has one foot out the door. She is scheduled to be leaving in 2014.