CNN Anchor Laughs at NC Governor, Openly Sides with 17% Who Oppose Voter ID

CNN Anchor Laughs at NC Governor, Openly Sides with 17% Who Oppose Voter ID

CNN’s Carol Costello hosted Dale Ho, an ACLU lawyer who heads the voting rights division. It was a one-sided discussion in which Ho was allowed to spew all his talking points against North Carolina’s new voter integrity laws because Costello was hardly able to summon the strength to challenge. Never once, though, did Costello mention that 83% of voters are in favor of voter ID laws. Moreover, 72% of Democrats are in favor of requiring a government-issued ID to vote.

Costello opened the segment by actually laughing (see the photo above) as she quoted North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory’s reasoning for and timing of the law (2016).  

Costello then closed the segment by propping up the ACLU and its specious charge that these reasonable laws are meant to suppress the vote. Her very words:

And I just want to add on, because there are many people who are skeptical of the ACLU… So, according to the North Carolina Board of Elections, it’s referred only two cases of alleged voter impersonation fraud in 2004 to prosecutors. Only two cases out of 4.5 million votes cast.

[Looks directly into camera] So, take that, digest it and figure it out….

This, of course, is a typical, CNN left-wing straw man. With our nation as divided as it is, and with important elections frequently coming down to just a few votes (remember Florida in 2000? Minnesota in 2008?), maintaining the integrity of our democracy is as vital as it has ever been.

But here we have CNN anchors openly laughing at the reasoning behind these laws as though it’s all just a big hustle to put blacks back in chains. And to back this up, they only cite straw man statistics instead of presenting the full picture.  

What about the statistics of dead people that remain on voter rolls that can be impersonated without the dead victim complaining? What about same-day registration that can be done in various precincts and not detected?

And what about those polls that — just like gun control — show that voter ID is an 80/20 issue?

The reason CNN and much of the media refuse to cite these voter ID laws is nothing more than a left-wing propaganda move to make the majority feel like the minority.

During CNN’s open and relentless months-long push to see gun control laws passed, the network was merciless in reciting polls that showed that 80% of the American people favored stricter background checks. Furthermore, almost every guest that came on the air opposing backgrounds check was treated as a circus freak for being so outside the mainstream.

Gee, why doesn’t the GOP want CNN near their debates?


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