Politico Reporter: Hillary Made 'Verbal Typo,' Not a Gaffe

Politico Reporter: Hillary Made 'Verbal Typo,' Not a Gaffe

During a speech about civil rights before the American Bar Association Monday, Hillary Clinton botched the name of Medgar Evers, calling the civil rights icon “Medgar Evans.” Normally, no one would care, but today’s mainstream media is merciless at using slips of the tongue to undermine the competency of Republicans. Democrats, however, always get a pass. Even if the gaffe is noted by the media, it is never used to define or undermine the pol.

This morning I tweeted out the story of Clinton’s “Medgar Evers” slip. Politico’s White House reporter, Glenn Thrush, responded:

Thrush later added: “Gaffe is accidental truth. Verbal typo is brain fart”

In their report of her speech, Politico made no mention of Clinton bungling the name of a civil rights icon.


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