MSNBC: Boston Terrorists Right-Wingers, Not Islamic Extremists

MSNBC: Boston Terrorists Right-Wingers, Not Islamic Extremists

Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were motivated to commit their despicable act of terrorism by conservative thinkers, according to MSNBC’s Alex Wagner and Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok. Furthermore, the violence seen in Boston is part and parcel to the vocal, conservative opposition to Barack Obama (that opposition motivated by the President’s race, naturally.)

It would be appropriate for that opening paragraph to be published at The Onion but, lamentably, it is an accurate description of a segment on MSNBC’s NOW Wednesday afternoon. 

This segment seems to be part of a trend on the NBC News cable outlet. The peacock network’s Rachel Maddow speculated with a guest in April that the bombers were motivated as much by rap music as they were by radical Islam, due to the number of rap videos they had on their YouTube page. Immediately after the bombing, Chris Matthews all but claimed the unknown perpetrators were anti-goverment conservatives. Al Sharpton used the Boston bombing in a shameless attempt to push gun control

It appears NBC News’ premiere news delivery system is ideologically incapable of facing the obvious reality that the April terror attacks in Boston were carried out by radical Islamic extremists. 

Watch the Alex Wagner segment here: