Texas Abortion Champion Wendy Davis Poses for 'Vogue'

Texas Abortion Champion Wendy Davis Poses for 'Vogue'

In June, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis (D) made a name for herself with her opposition to an abortion provider safety law. Now, with rumors that she is considering a run for governor, Davis is lending herself to a new venue by sitting for a photo spread in Vogue magazine.

Davis’s photo shoot was held in the state capitol in Austin, Texas and will appear in the September issue of the fashion magazine.

The spread will feature Davis’s “impressive wardrobe and the pink sneakers she wore during her 13-hour filibuster,” according to The Hill.

Ultimately, Davis’s effort to derail the Texas abortion safety bill was unsuccessful, but she became the toast of the media and the left after her filibuster attempt.

The Texas senator is continuing to keep her name and face in the news. Recently, for instance, after her failed attempt to halt the bill, Davis claimed that Texas needs to break the “very fractured, very partisan leadership” that has beset the state.

Davis also claimed that she did not know the details of the Kermit Gosnell “house of horrors” case in Philadelphia, where the abortionist Gosnell was convicted on multiple criminal counts.

Rumors about Davis’s run for the governor’s office in the Lone Star State continue to roil. Recently an “inside source” said she was considering a run. Davis said “I’m working very hard to decide what my next steps will be.”