Hannity Is Right: Cumulus Ratings in Deep Decline

Hannity Is Right: Cumulus Ratings in Deep Decline

The mainstream media were eager to define host Sean Hannity’s separation from the Cumulus talk radio network as a sign that the conservative talk radio host was in trouble. Cumulus tried to blame Hannity for its ratings decline, but in the end it was Hannity who dumped them. Ratings numbers reported by Newsbusters back up Hannity’s claim that Cumulus is mismanaged and on the decline.

Data obtained by NewsBusters show that Hannity is actually right, and that in the key demographic of people aged 25 to 54, Cumulus has lost roughly 50 percent of its listeners since buying the stations in September 2011. …

Yet in the two biggest radio markets in the country, Hannity’s numbers are faring far better than Cumulus is.

In seven markets, Cumulus is down in the 25-54 demo by margins near or above 50%. In Los Angeles, the drop is 62%, but Hannity is only down 13%. In New York, the Cumulus station fell 45%, but Hannity is only down a little over 3%.

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