National Journal: Global Warming Hurts Poor

National Journal: Global Warming Hurts Poor

In a fear-inducing new article, the National Journal warns that the poor are hardest hit by climate change. The magazine relays the dire prediction as seen in a “report” issued this week by the Center for American Progress, a left-wing think tank that the National Journal forgets to note is a left-wing think tank.

In an August 19 piece by Carol Foran, the National Journal notes, “The report, titled ‘A Disaster in the Making: Addressing the Vulnerability of Low-Income Communities to Extreme Weather,’ states that neighborhoods where a majority of residents live at or below the poverty line are ill-prepared to deal with fallout from storms and other weather-related disasters. As a result, low-income communities are harder hit when extreme weather arises.”

Naturally, the way to address that is more government spending. The lefty think tank, therefore, suggests that tax dollars be used to “retrofit existing structures to guard against storm damage” and recommends “restored funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.”

Extreme weather should also make Congress hike spending on food stamps and welfare, the “study” says. The Center for American Progress also warns that climate change is a reason to extend unemployment assistance.

Climate change, it appears, is a catchall reason to implement any manner of big government spending, a fact that Foran slams home with a final quote by the author of the study, Tracey Ross.

As Ross sonorously says, “[W]e cannot continue to ignore our nation’s housing crisis, the environmental justice issues that continue to plague our communities, and the growing economic inequality that inhibits our country’s growth. Resiliency in low-income communities is an investment we can and must make.”