MSNBC's Touré: Slavery 'Obviously' to Blame for Black Unemployment

MSNBC's Touré: Slavery 'Obviously' to Blame for Black Unemployment

After several Tweets about the high unemployment rates for blacks in the deep blue cities of Chicago and Los Angeles, MSNBC commentator Touré blamed “slavery” for the poor stats.

After two Tweets on August 21 noting the high unemployment rates in several big cities that are Democrat strongholds, Touré followed up explaining why he thinks blacks in those cities are so sparsely employed.

Agreeing with a supporter who said, “Blame slavery, Black unemployment has been at severe recession levels for 50 plus yrs,” Touré said, “That’s obviously part of it.”

As the good folks at Twitchy point out, “The Dems have owned some of the cities with the highest black unemployment for decades.”

But there is another point that must be made. Touré pointed to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Chicago to decry high rates of unemployment for blacks, then blamed “slavery” for that lack of employment. Yet, not one of those cities have much history of being areas where slavery flourished. In fact, one of them did not even exist until decades after slavery was ended.