'Reporting Is Dead' Olbermann Premieres New Show with Attack on Journalism

'Reporting Is Dead' Olbermann Premieres New Show with Attack on Journalism

Keith Olbermann premiered a new sports show on ESPN2 last night. During one segment, he declared that “Reporting is dead” and went on to attack the New York Daily News for a recent report on the New York Jets:

Reporting is dead, long live making something out of nothing. If you can instigate controversy, if you can sell just a few more newspapers to a world that no longer wants them, all your sins will be forgiven, especially the sin of having just contradicted yourself in that newspaper.

When they signed the volatile Olbermann to a contract, ESPN promised the outspoken liberal firebrand would not delve into politics. But, clearly, Olbermann will continue his full-frontal attacks on anyone he disagrees with and will do so with the same arrogance and bluster his audience has come to expect. 

Olbermann did get a little political as he was reporting on the Jets quarterback controversy. He referred to NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s opinion on the issue and said he agreed with the Republican. 

Olbermann began his show rather humorously with a casual “As I was saying…” as if he had just returned from a commercial break rather than the actual 16 year span from his last appearance on the sports network. 

Watch the segment here: