Five Reporters Killed, 80 Detained Since Morsi's Ouster

Five Reporters Killed, 80 Detained Since Morsi's Ouster

Reporters Without Borders has issued a scathing report on the treatment of reporters in Egypt since the removal of President Mohamed Morsi in early July: 

Since 3 July, a total of five journalists have been killed, 80 journalists have been arbitrarily detained (with seven still held) and at least 40 news providers have been physically attacked by the police or by pro-Morsi or pro-army demonstrators.

These violations of freedom of information have taken place in a highly polarized political environment that has made the situation extremely difficult and dangerous for journalists.

The journalist advocacy group also reports that over 40 journalists have been attacked and injured in the past two months. This past Sunday, three journalists with Al Jazeera English were arrested and deported. 

Their arrest comes less than a month after another a fellow Al Jazeera reporter, Abdullah al-Shami, was arrested while reporting on the raid of the pro-Mohamed Morsi sit-in at Rabaa al-Adawiya, Aljazeera reported.

Those reporters have been held for more than a month. Reporters Without Borders has claimed a”growing hostility” towards journalists in Egypt.

Al Jazeera appears to be particularly targeted, with the channel’s offices being raided last month and security forces seizing equipment which the broadcaster says has yet to be returned.