CNN Falsely Spins Weiner's Meltdown as Defense of Wife

CNN Falsely Spins Weiner's Meltdown as Defense of Wife

Just like NBC did earlier Thursday, CNN has also decided to manufacture a provably false claim that New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s viral meltdown Wednesday was actually a chivalrous defense of his wife. Watch the full CNN segment below:

At the end of the segment, CNN’s Carol Costello talks about how the confrontation could gin up sympathy for Weiner. Well, that is only possible if the media continues to dishonestly portray a meltdown as chivalrous. 

This is a disturbing and dishonest attempt on CNN’s part to rescue Weiner, when it is an incontrovertible fact that, during his confrontation with the Jewish man who insulted his wife, Weiner never once defended her. Weiner didn’t even mention his wife after the man’s “marred and Arab” comment.

The only person Weiner defended was himself. The entire exchange was only about Anthony Weiner pushing back against someone who called him a “scumbag” and dared to judge him and his sexting behavior.

In fact, if you watch the entire confrontation, it is only the Jewish man — who just moments earlier used the word “Arab” as a pejorative to describe Weiner’s Muslim wife — who attempts to defend the honor of Weiner’s wife as it relates to the disgraced ex-congressman’s deviant and adulterous sexual behavior.

If either CNN or NBC believe Weiner heard the slur about his wife, that only serves to make Weiner look worse because he chose not defend her.  

Why are CNN and NBC being so anti-science to defend a doomed Democrat? If he had a chance at resurrecting himself, it might make sense.

Habit, I guess.


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