Obama Snubs Univision

Obama Snubs Univision

When he needed their votes, President Obama was more than willing to go to the Univision studios for a special forum appealing to the Latino vote. But now that he’s president and a major international crisis is brewing over chemical weapons use in Syria, the president just doesn’t have time for the nation’s largest bilingual television station. 

The president granted interviews to six network and cable outlets (CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, Fox News and CNN) but didn’t include his friends at Univision. 

Anchor Jorge Ramos took to Twitter to criticize the snub: 

That last hashtag from Ramos is a bit off mark. The fact is, President Obama has very clearly learned a lesson. The Latino vote, thanks to sycophants like Ramos, will play patsy and line up at the polls for the president during an election cycle as long as he plays footsie with them and says the right things. The lesson was learned and Mr. Ramos was the professor teaching it.