Gun Control: Media Rebuked (Again) In Colorado Recall

Gun Control: Media Rebuked (Again) In Colorado Recall

No one worked harder to cynically exploit the horrific deaths of the children at Sandy Hook Elementary, turning those deaths into a victory against their political foes, than the mainstream media — not Barack Obama, not Democrat lawmakers, not Michael Bloomberg. The media literally spent months pushing for gun control laws; now the voters of the more-blue-than-red-state of Colorado have handed the Chuck Todds, David Gregorys, Piers Morgans, and Joe Scarboroughs another bitter defeat.

Desperate to punish a civil rights group they despise, the unbiased, unobjective, not-at-all-liberal media spent months pleading, lying, and propagandizing for gun control laws that would have done absolutely nothing to prevent a second Sandy Hook. Just as fast as they could, the media forgot all about laws dealing with mental health and Hollywood’s glorification of violence in order to turn the NRA they hate into America’s boogeyman.

But even after a bitter defeat in the United States Senate, like something out of a movie called Bubbled Zombies from Hell, the media just kept coming; waving their cherry-picked 80/20 polls and the WMD of emotional blackmail that marginalized those who dared disagree with them as wanting children killed and terrorists armed. (This from a media that ignores hundreds of dead black children gunned down in Chicago every year.)

The polls the media wanted to pretend didn’t exist, though, were the polls that delivered last night’s fatal blow to any hope the media had to punish the NRA. A full 96% of the American people did not and do not care about gun control. While the media made the exploitation of dead children a months-long, 24/7 crusade, the voters were more concerned with everything else–including jobs, the deficit, terrorism, and cleaning their sock drawers.

This is why two Democrat Colorado State Senators were booted out of office Tuesday night. All the energy in this debate is on the side of those who demand that their Second Amendment civil rights not be infringed upon; and those good folks obviously outnumber the influence of a conspiracy formed by a few hundred bubbled elites to stick it to Wayne LaPierre.

Even in the face of all the other big news this morning, the media is still conspicuously downplaying their brutal defeat last night because it is the final stake in the heart of an obscene crusade.

Oh, these Bubble Zombies from Hell will rise again. No question. But if lawmakers in a bluer-than-red-state like Colorado can’t get away with stripping bluer-than-red-voters of their Second Amendment civil rights, this round goes to Liberty.


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