Weiner Flips-Off Reporters After Election Defeat

Weiner Flips-Off Reporters After Election Defeat

Anthony Weiner suffered a humiliating loss in his bid to become the mayor of New York City. 

Remarkably, a little over 31,000 New Yorkers wanted Weiner to run Gotham but that wasn’t enough to give the former congressman even 5% of the total votes in the Democratic primary. 

So how does Weiner react to this defeat? What does he do after the embarrassment of Sydney Leathers, his former on-line paramour, crashing his “victory” party? After the resounding rejection of his fellow New Yorkers on this night that he had hoped would be his triumphant return to national prominence?

He makes an obscene gesture to reporters (and the world) as he drives away into the sunset: 

Apparently this is the 2013 version of “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.”

Stay classy, Carlos.