Tina Brown Charity Under Scrutiny

Tina Brown Charity Under Scrutiny

According to the New York Post’s look at IRS records, although her non-profit Women in the World Foundation collected nearly $1.2 million in 2011, Tina Brown’s charity only gave away $10,000 during that same year. The foundation’s stated goal was to dole out $300,000. Of the $1.17 million reportedly collected, $536,868 went to pay for expenses, including a $168,000 star-studded launch party hosted by Meryl Streep.

A spokeswoman for Brown said the 2011 figures don’t reflect the scope of the foundation’s work in its first months, noting that the focus was on the non-profit’s educational and informational components and not on grant-making.

The foundation has not yet filed its 2012 tax return, but  Brown’s spokeswoman said Women in the World Foundation has given out about  $1.1 million since its launch, out of about $2.6 million raised.

That $1.1 million in grants, she said, includes a new $800,000 grant to Vital Voices, a massive international women’s rights non-profit.

Friday, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Brown called the Post’s report “insane.”

Brown made news yesterday, as well, when news broke that she would no longer be editing or in any way associated with the Daily Beast, a publication she founded in 2008.


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