Politico Wants to Pretend that 'Talk Turns to Gun Control'

Politico Wants to Pretend that 'Talk Turns to Gun Control'

In its Tuesday lead piece, the left-wing Politico attempts to “manipulate lead the conversation” with an article titled: “After Shooting, Talk Turns to Gun Control.” This is wishcasting on Politico’s part, not reporting; this is Politico pushing an agenda, not documenting what is actually happening; this is Politico hoping to craft a reality, not reporting on a reality.

We are three hours into the news cycle the day after Monday’s horrific Navy Yard shooting, and not even Morning Joe is talking about gun control. Certainly gun control is being mentioned, but what America and the media are “talking about” this morning is how someone with documented psychological problems, like Aaron Alexis, received government clearance.

Sure, the bottom-feeding carnival barkers still smarting from their last gun control loss — the New York Daily News and CNN’s Piers Morgan — quickly exploited a dozen murders for personal and political gain. Because that is what they do.

But Chuck Todd is not talking about gun control. In fact, on his MSNBC show The Daily Rundown, Todd wondered if the Navy Yard shooting would revive talk about gun control. The Washington Post isn’t talking about gun control, nor is the New York Times…. not even the L.A. Times… not even CNN (except for the low-rated carnival barker).

So, no, “talk” has not turned to gun control. The left-wing Politico is just saying it has in the hopes of fooling media fools into jumping on a bandwagon that won’t exist until they jump on it.

And judging by the latest news about the shooter, that is not likely to happen.


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