Will Media Call Obama Out for Latest Gun Control Power Grab?

Will Media Call Obama Out for Latest Gun Control Power Grab?

In the wake of the Navy Yard shooting by yet another mentally disturbed shooter, Jay Carney states that Obama is going to use Executive Actions to expand background checks for gun show & online sales of firearms.

Of course, we already know that background checks didn’t prevent Alexis from getting his last job or from getting a security clearance from the US Government to work in the Navy Yard. 

Once again, Liberals are using a mass shooting to push for stricter gun control laws that, when pressed, they will freely admit wouldn’t have prevented the shooting they are responding to.  

Considering the basic facts the media got wrong on this story in the past 24 hours, any immediate push by Obama to restrict citizen’s access to firearms could very well be based on false information. 

The MSM wrongly:

1. Released a name found on an ID badge near the shooter’s body & mistakenly identified the owner of that ID badge as the shooter.  

2. Claimed the shooter was a ‘Texan’ from Fort Worth all day long before it was revealed he’d only worked at a Navy base in Ft. Worth for several years and was actually born and raised in Queens, NY.  

3. Claimed an AR-15 was used in the shooting, immediately causing gun control shills like Piers Morgan to have the vapors, before the facts came out & revealed Alexis never used an AR-15 in his assault. 

4. Castigated the NRA for it’s silence on the shooting while it waited for the facts to come out.  Which, considering how many things the media got wrong in just 24 hours, seems like a more prudent policy than ever. 

And yet just a day later here’s Carney stating Obama’s already implementing Executive Actions on gun control.  Note the language in this report: 

Obama, for one, has been powerless to get legislation passed despite a string of mass shootings during his presidency.In the wake of the shooting at the Navy Yard, Obama spokesman Jay Carney said the president is implementing executive actions and reiterated his commitment to strengthening gun laws, including expanding background checks to sales online and at gun shows. [emphasis added]

It doesn’t say ‘thinking about’ or ‘considering’.  It says less than 24 hours after the shooting Obama *is* using Executive Actions on gun control.  It’s almost as if Obama was just waiting for just such an event to use it as an excuse to bypass Congress & take action all by himself.  

Obama can’t get his gun control agenda through Congress, and so ends up going around Congress to get his way.  Once again he demonstrates his habit of violating the Constitution and doing an end run around our elected lawmakers to do whatever the hell he wants by Executive fiat.  

But if he turns out to have implemented some of these Executive Actions based on bad information, it’s going to come back to bite him.   

Is the mainstream media going to call Obama out for rushing to implement these Executive Actions before all the facts have been assessed?  Let’s wait and see.