Rush: Going to Satellite Would Be Betrayal of Radio Affiliates

Rush: Going to Satellite Would Be Betrayal of Radio Affiliates

Rush Limbaugh spoke to a party hosted by his syndicator Premiere Networks at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference in Las Vegas today. Limbaugh addressed the gathering of radio industry insiders – many of whom were station owners and programmers who carry his program

“I can’t thank you all enough because without you and all of the people who run the radio stations I’m on, I wouldn’t be possible,” the broadcasting legend said. 

Limbaugh said that he is often asked if he would follow broadcasters like Howard Stern, Chris Russo and Dr. Laura Schlessinger by taking a huge payout for taking his show to the subscription-only satellite radio outlet, SiriusXM. Limbaugh said such a move would be a “betrayal” to the radio stations who stood by him over the past quarter century. reports:  

“The first moment the question was asked, I’ve always looked at that as a betrayal, if I were to do that because of the opportunity to be on your radio stations has provided me and I honestly believe it’s a lifetime commitment. I don’t think it’s a debt I can ever fully repay. And Lord knows, I’ve put you through hell. Probably more times than even I know! I’m aware of the times I know. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that whatever the obstacle or controversy – whenever it pops up – that you all hang in there. One thing that’s such a blessing of freedom: I don’t have to worry when those things happen that you’re going to be affected by whatever the media is attempting or whatever detractors are attempting. The one thing that fuels me and gives me confidence and strength is I know I’m not going to lose you all…and I’m going to be forever grateful.”