ObamaCare: Media, GOP Establishment Pile On Ted Cruz as Working Poor Suffer

ObamaCare: Media, GOP Establishment Pile On Ted Cruz as Working Poor Suffer

It is not the middle class who work at Walgreens — 180,000 of whom just lost their health insurance. It is not the upper-middle class who lost hours at their movie theatre jobs. And it is not the Top 1% stymied and demoralized in a “recovery” that no longer creates full-time jobs. There is simply no question anymore that the victims of ObamaCare are legion, and mostly the working poor-those who live in that fragile place between the shame of welfare and the promise of the American Dream. And these are the people Ted Cruz is facing Hell for.   

And who is throwing all that Hell? The media and the very same rocket scientists in the Republican Establishment who told us only McCain and Romney could beat Barack Obama.

The media won’t even tell the story of how ObamaCare is currently bludgeoning the working poor. Because the media stand where they always stand — against The People and with The State, and its bureaucrats, and those who grow and defend both, like Barack Obama and the Democrats. And where does the GOP Establishment stand on this day? With the media.

I was okay with the Establishment disagreeing with Cruz on tactics, but they are now joining the media in toxifying Cruz instead of aiding his righteous fight by explaining to their media pals and the American people just what exactly it is he is fighting for. This, even though the polls show the public is with Cruz in opposition to ObamaCare. Apparently, though, the Establishment only sees an opportunity to protect their shrinking turf.

As I write these very words, 180,000 Walgreens’ workers are trying to figure out how they are going to fare now that they have been thrown to the wolves of government exchanges, millions can’t find a job, and who knows how many are losing the work hours that define the difference between making that week’s bills or not. But what are the media giddy about today? What is Joe Scarborough puffing his sanctimonious face up about? The process over Ted Cruz’s fight for these people.

But the GOP Establishment are not talking about them, and the very same media that just loves to pretend they care about our society’s most vulnerable have once again made their choice between the poor and The State.


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