Anti-Science CNN Ignores Cessation of Global Warming, Increase In Arctic Ice

Anti-Science CNN Ignores Cessation of Global Warming, Increase In Arctic Ice

All Friday morning, every hour on the hour, CNN has been broadcasting a fear-mongering segment about rising water levels in the city of Miami, Florida. The hysterical CNN reporter not only blames Global Warming but also any country that burns energy. You can watch the segment below, but what you won’t see are CNN anchors Carol Costello and Ashleigh Banfield fret over the fact that we are all doomed:

What the anti-science CNN is withholding from its audience, though, is the good news that there actually is no Global Warming. Global temperatures have not increased for fifteen years. Moreover, we have just learned that the Antarctic sea ice is at its highest level in 35 years.

CNN is lying through the dark art of omission. Context is kryptonite to any left-wing media outlet trying to pose as objective. 

Moreover, if CNN truly believed that burning energy dooms the planet and mankind, why doesn’t CNN go off the air? The energy this network burns to spew anti-science reports likely puts more carbon in the air in an hour than I will during my entire lifetime — and I regularly burn tires in front of my hippie neighbors.

But that is the whole thing with these anti-science Global Warming truthers, isn’t it — that they don’t behave like people who actually believe burning energy is dooming the planet. And that is because they know it is a lie. Global Warming is a left-wing hoax; it is not some coincidence that the only way to save the planet is to check off every box on The Socialist Wishlist.   

When Carol Costello and Ashleigh Banfield rent a single room, ride a bike, and throw away the overused stair-stepper, that might get my attention.

As it is, though, CNN is not only dishonest and anti-science; they are a bunch of flaming hypocrites.


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