Video: Compare Wolf Blitzer's ObamaCare Interviews with Carney & Bachmann

Video: Compare Wolf Blitzer's ObamaCare Interviews with Carney & Bachmann

Thursday, during an interview about ObamaCare, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was a pussycat who was obviously unprepared (or unwilling) to rebut White House spokesman Jay Carney. When Blizter wants to, though, we know he can be a tough interviewer, because we saw that today as he aggressively hectored Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann over the very same subject.

Below, I’ve embedded videos of both interviews, which offer an extraordinary look at an objective, unbiased, not-at-all-liberal anchor who is cowed, respectful, and acquiescent to the White House, but an aggressive bulldog who actually does his job when there is a conservative in his crosshairs.

Blitzer doesn’t even appear prepared to counter Carney’s arguments. But in Blitzer’s defense, it is hard to debate someone you admire and with whom you strongly agree. Blitzer also lets Carney get away with murder, especially his blowing off of ObamaCare’s responsibility for the hundreds of thousands who have lost their health insurance (not to mention precious work hours and jobs).

On the other hand, when it comes to his interview with Bachmann, Blitzer is prepared like an award-winning Harvard debater. His talking points, rebuttals, facts, and figures are not only in order — he is extremely aggressive.

No one should complain about the way Blitzer interviewed Bachmann. Public officials should be aggressively challenged. What is disgraceful is that Blitzer, who is one of CNN’s top interviewers, can’t bring himself to be just as aggressive and prepared when it comes to holding the White House accountable.



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