Women's Magazines Pushing Obamacare on Readers

Women's Magazines Pushing Obamacare on Readers

The Obama administration is launching a full court press campaign to convince a skeptical country that Obamacare is a great thing and several glossy magazines aimed at America’s women, like Cosmopolitan and Glamour, are lending their pages to that effort.

This month Cosmo published a long piece entitled, “Top Eight Ways Young Women Benefit from Obamacare.” Not to be outdone, Glamour gives its readers the “Five Things You Need to Know” about the insurance exchanges that were supposed to open this week.

Several other women’s magazines are joining in and adding their own Obamacare sales pitches. Such magazines as Woman’s Day, Cosmo Latina, Marie Claire and Ebony are all featuring Obamacare sales stories in their October issues.

“Lots of women who will benefit may not read the New York Times or Politico but do read Cosmo,” said one administration official to the L.A. Times. This official is working on the Obamacare sales project and requested anonymity so he could discuss the tactics the administration is using. The magazines, this official said, have “Much bigger reach; reaches women exactly where they are–and they’re a key demographic.”

The glossies aren’t the only media being impressed into service as propagandists for Obamacare. NBC recently announced a series of Obamacare advertising programs it intends to present as “news” programs. This series will include directions for viewers on how to enroll in the exchanges.

The women’s magazines and the progressive news media are not alone. The President has also been reaching out to many other forms of entertainment attempting to enlist them as Obamacare peddlers.

On June 24 reports surfaced that the Obama administration was trying to cajole the National Football League into selling Obamacare. The NFL later rejected those overtures. Only days before that the NBA was also contacted about becoming an Obamacare advocate.

The president also enlisted the service of a bevy of Hollywood celebrities to become Obamacare salesmen.