How the Left Will 'Defend' the ObamaCare Train Wreck

How the Left Will 'Defend' the ObamaCare Train Wreck

Besides the terrible backlash that’s building against this administration for it’s spiteful shutdown games at parks and memorials, another building backlash is the one over cancelled insurance plans and rising premiums.  

Remember it’s the fight over the ObamaCare train wreck that’s causing the partial government shutdown.  

Obamacare was sold to the public based on several distinct claims: 

1. If you liked your plan, you could keep it. No one would take it away from you. Period.

2. If you liked your current doctor, no one would cut off your access to that doctor.  

3. Once the ACA reforms passed, and over 7 feet worth of new regulations hit the health insurance industry and American businesses, insurance costs would DROP.  


You’re welcome, America! Sincerely, The Democratic Party

Now that the cat’s out of the bag and people are starting to discover what the law is really going to do, Liberals are furiously spinning and going on the attack. For the next several weeks as more American families discover that not only can they not keep their plan or doctor, and that their premiums actually increased dramatically, the Left & the Media’s counter attack to this kind of bad thinking is going to be this:  

“Oh so you lost that plan you liked? Uhm….So what? Get over it! It’s the law of the land. It passed. Suck it up and go find a new policy and quit whining about it.”  

“Can’t see that doctor you had because he’s not on the approved provider list? Well….again, so what? Move on! You should be happy more people are having access to health insurance given to them. Why are you so selfish? What’s wrong with you?!” 

“So your old plan only cost your family $228 a month and the new comparable one your being offered now is $1,208/month? Did you have a point? Some guy promised you this wouldn’t happen? Well….so? Quit living in the past! You can’t change this, just deal with it.”  

You can fully expect to see the Mainstream Media attempt to help the Left sell these three talking points to the public for the next several months.  

Progressives and their media allies won’t go on the defensive even a tiny little bit. Instead, they are going to join together to relentlessly attack anybody that complains about what was promised vs. the reality they now face.  Getting defensive would mean admitting there was something to be defensive about.  And they’ll never allow that to happen.  

Alinsky & Marcuse taught the Left that you constantly stay on the attack and keep the target on the defensive.  You never allow yourself to be placed on defense.  Ever. 

This is an important and vital strategy for the Left because if they ever were forced to defend many of their positions honestly, they’d lose the discussion here in America. 

So instead of any acknowledgement of having been wrong, the Left will go on the attack.   “Get over it.” “Move on.” “Who cares what you were promised? It’s the law of the land! Deal with it!”  

It’ll boil down to “Why are you such an awful person for constantly bringing up what Democrats promised the ACA would do?” 

Right now they’re trying to forestall this for about a week by saying “Stop whining about your old plan and get to the exchange and sign up for a cheaper one!” That’s got a shelf life of a week or so until too many people have figured out for the vast majority of American families the premiums didn’t drop; they went up and quite significantly.  

At that point the Left that sold the Affordable Care Act to the country back in 2009 will have two options:  

Option 1. ‘Fess up. 

“OK we lied to you. ObamaCare was a trojan horse for single payer. It was supposed to cancel all your old plans and drive the insurance prices up through the roof so we could attack private insurance and hurt the industry enough to destroy it and pave the way for single payer. It’s working exactly how we intended it to.”  

Option 2. Attack, Attack, ATTACK. 

That’s the ‘Get over it, move on, deal with it’ scenario I discussed earlier. They’ll simply get in the face of anybody who’s not with the program and attack them. They’ll attempt to suck all the air out of the room by drowning out anybody who tries to hold them accountable for tricking the nation about the ACA.  

My prediction is: Option 2.  Because Option 1 would mean playing defense.  It would mean accepting some accountability.  

The Left doesn’t do accountability. They move on. And so should everybody that trusted them 3 years ago. The suckers.