Weatherman Eats Cat Vomit During Live News Broadcast

Weatherman Eats Cat Vomit During Live News Broadcast

HARTFORD, Conn., Oct. 10 (UPI) — A Connecticut weatherman has attained international fame by mistaking cat vomit for Grape Nuts and eating it during a live news broadcast.

Scot Haney, the weatherman for WFSB-TV, Hartford, picked up what he and his fellow anchors believed to be Grape Nuts on the floor of the studio during the morning news Wednesday and attempted to eat them, reported Thursday.

“They’re a little soggy. They taste like shoes,” Haney said during the broadcast. “I think that might be dog doody.”

Haney eventually realized the substance was actually cat vomit.

“Ladies and gentlemen, those were not Grape Nuts that I ate. I kept finding more and more of it on the floor, and I thought it was Grape Nuts because it looked just like it,” Haney said. “My cat threw up, and I must have stepped in it and that’s what I ate. I ate cat vomit, right here on television. It’s disgusting… I’m going to throw up!”

The clip has gone viral, being picked up by websites including Buzzfeed and Britain’s Daily Mail.