Left-wing Politifact to Target Pundits, Media Figures

Left-wing Politifact to Target Pundits, Media Figures

PolitiFact, a left-wing fact-checking site that poses as objective, will expand its vital services to Democrats and the mainstream media by expanding its target to include political pundits and media figures, not just politicians.

Though PolitiFact has frequently discredited itself with numerous dishonest “fact” checks, and outright laughable ones that are almost always designed to shut down conservative criticism of a Democrat or left-wing policy, over the years the outlet has become increasingly useful to the mainstream media.

Citing the left-wing outlet as an objective fact-checker, the media then give themselves license to dismiss Republican lines of attack and even go a step further by using the phony fact-check to undermine the GOP’s credibility.

Obviously, by expanding its targeting of conservatives to include talking heads and media figures, the media will have even more weapons at its disposal with which to attack the GOP.


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