SF Chronicle: CA Gun Laws Could Lead to Colorado-Style Recalls

SF Chronicle: CA Gun Laws Could Lead to Colorado-Style Recalls

In an October 10 column posted online, the San Francisco Chronicle says more gun control could result in Colorado-style recalls for California politicians.

According to the Chronicle, everyone is watching Gov. Jerry Brown’s (D) handling of a dozen new gun control bills. If he signs the most draconian among them–bills like SB 374–“the successful recalls… of two Colorado Democratic legislators” have “emboldened” gun rights advocates in CA to follow Colorado’s lead.

Jennifer Kerns is “a California political consultant who helped with Colorado recalls,” and she said “phones started ringing off the hook” as soon as the recalls proved successful in Colorado. “Until then, a lot of people thought California was a lost state (on gun-rights issues),” she explained. “But Colorado showed them it doesn’t have to be.”

Those who will be involved in the process say Gov. Brown will not be a candidate for a recall effort. Rather, assembly or state senate members will be chosen. And executive director of Gun Owners of California, Sam Paredes, says those members will not be happy: “[The recall targets] are going to squeal like stuck pigs and say ‘this is no way to run a government.'” 

But gun rights advocates like CA Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-33rd Dist.) are quick to point out that usurping Californians’ natural rights via gun control is no way to run a government either.

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