White House War On Fox News Continues

White House War On Fox News Continues

It appears the cease fire in the White House’s war on Fox News is now history.  

White House spokesman Jay Carney has become increasingly hostile toward Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry. Early last week he attacked Henry’s line of questioning regarding the Democrat’s refusal to allow death benefits to the families of fallen military members. 

“I know you’re trying to make a partisan issue out of it…” Carney lectured to Henry. 

Friday things really came to a boil as Carney openly snubbed Henry during the regular daily briefing. Carney, as is customary, took questions from the major networks seated in the front row. When he’d finished with Major Garrett, formerly with Fox News now with CBS News, Carney deliberately passed over Henry and called on a reporter from the Chicago Tribune. 

Henry began shaking his head in disbelief at the blatant and open snub. After a few more attempts to ask Carney a question Henry, visibly annoyed, got up and walked out of the briefing.

Watch the video here: